ASAS Family WhatsApp

Good morning,

I hope you and the family are keeping well in this very strange time.

We are now starting to roll out the use of the ‘ASAS Virtual Support’ WhatsApp group. This group will be open to all parents / carers of children and young people that access any ASAS provision. The aim of the group is to spread positivity amongst everyone by sharing mindfulness posts, helpful tips, and fun and creative ways to keep the kids occupied, whilst helping you stay sane in what are unbelievable circumstances. Each day me and Jo will send a couple of messages on a number of topics. Sending messages is totally optional, you can just sit back and watch the positivity flood in.

The administrators of the group are myself and Jo, only we can change the group settings. There are not many ‘rules’ of the group, but we must remind you to be thoughtful when posting as we do not want anyone to be offended or upset. The group will be monitored by me & Jo and any messages we feel are likely to cause offence or upset, the sender will be asked to delete. Whilst we encourage you to be open in the group, please do not disclose any personal information such as addresses or details about your child that you do not wish others to know.

Currently all face to face ASAS services remain suspended until further notice, this group is for virtual support only.

As it is a WhatsApp group if you choose to join it, your mobile number will be visible to the other group members, if you do not want others to see your mobile number, do not join the group.

To join the group, please CLICK HERE. Whilst you can join it now, it will not go live until Monday 20th April, so please do not worry that you cannot send any messages.

At any point if you feel you need to talk to me or Jo personally, please contact us on:

  • Liam: 07388449734

  • Jo: 07764432933

We hope you will join the group and find it helpful. If you have any questions, please do let us know.

Thanks, Liam

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