Breathing Meditation

Now, more so than at any other time, we ought to be thinking of ways to relieve stress and find peace of mind.

Try to follow the short breathing meditation below. Please don't feel disappointed if you can't do it at first, it takes practice but is well worth the effort. If you feel unable to do it, just sit in your quiet space for a few minutes and listen to your music and this will also be calming.

Try and find a quiet space and either sit in a chair with your feet on the floor or lay down on your bed. Wrap yourself in a blanket if you feel more comfortable. Put some relaxing music on, dim the lights or draw the blind. This will create a good space for relaxation. Try not to think of yesterday or tomorrow, but focus on this moment in time.

1. Now take a deep breath in and out and close your eyes.

2. Try to relax your face and around your shoulders.

3. Focus on the breath. Breathe in and out gently through your nose.

4. Do not strain and do this in your own time.

5. When you draw the breath in, imagine you are filling your body with peace, love, good health, and energy. (Energy comes from the air you breath and the food you eat.)

6. When you exhale, try to feel that you are releasing tension and toxins from your body, along with worries and fears. Let them all go you don't need them, they rob you of vitality.

As thoughts pop into your mind, as they will inevitably do, don't worry, just gently take yourself back to your breath and start again. Do this for as long as you feel able. Perhaps 5 minutes would be a good starting point. You will find that eventually you can increase this and your mind will begin to settle. If you are laying down, at this point you may fall asleep. That's OK. Take a drink of water when you wake and come too slowly.

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