ZigZag Leeds Autism Support Group

ZigZag Leeds is an Autism Support Group for children and families in Leeds, founded in 2003 and run by Lisa James.

A Support group for parents of children with Autism and related conditions

ZigZag offer many services, if you are unable to attend support groups, you can drop by at the ZigZag shop premises.

Their motto is "YOU ARE NEVER ALONE"

If they can't help, they will find someone who can.

Support available from ZigZag:

- offer a lending library

- Assistance with DLA forms

- Help in organising benefits

- Help in organising respite at various settings around West Yorkshire

- We can be an advocate at meetings regarding your child

- Family fun days

- Free swim sessions

- Parent/carer nights out

- Friendship and support and SO much more

To visit the ZigZag Leeds Facebook page, click here.

Email: zigzagautismservices@gmail.com

Phone: 07981201005

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