Summer 2020 Question & Answers

Will my child be able to attend?

If they aren’t exhibiting any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 and we are able to meet their needs in the new venue and with the staff we have available then we should be able to allocate them some provision, (subject to other conditions below).

Is the play scheme definitely going to run and how many days will my child be allocated?

We are working towards offering provision but the decision may be taken out of our hands, as this will depend on what guidelines the government put in place if the ‘R’ rate increases. We aim to offer 2 days per child this is totally dependent on demand and is subject to change.

My child is attending a different play scheme can they attend ASAS as well?

Priority will be given to children who haven’t had any other respite since lockdown e.g. attending school, Rainbow House, had a PA or attending another play scheme.

How will you ensure my child and others are not put at risk from covid-19?

We will check with all parents and staff that they aren’t showing any symptoms of the virus i.e. high temperature (we may ask to take people’s temperatures prior to be allowed to attend, this decision has been taken in other settings and we are considering this), a persistent cough.

Prior to the scheme all our staff will have undertaken training on Coronavirus signs, symptoms, care and use of PPE.

We have created a specific infection control policy about Coronavirus.

The building will be cleaned prior to the children’s arrival, between activities, and equipment will be changed/cleaned after each groups’ use as well as emergency clean ups if necessary, throughout the day.

Regular hand washing or use of hand gel will be implemented, including on admission, before and after activities, eating, using the toilet, touching others etc.

We will be introducing staggered arrival and departure times both for staff and children.

A storage box will be provided to put each child’s belongings in to keep them safely out of contact with others, the boxes will be cleaned between use, each child will only be able to bring in minimal personal possessions, if in doubt please contact us to check.

Will social distancing rules be followed?

Yes, social distancing rules will be adhered to and where not possible staff will wear appropriate PPE to protect themselves and the children. Children will be encouraged and reminded about social distancing; signage will be displayed to help them remember.

What PPE will staff be wearing?

Where social distancing of 2-meters can be adhered to staff aren’t required to wear PPE, when this distance can’t be adhered to then staff will wear – gloves, surgical masks, when personal care is carried out staff will wear – gloves, surgical mask, apron and face goggles (these are better than face shields).

Will my child need to wear any PPE?

Children won’t be required to wear PPE, unless parents want them to do so and they are happy to wear them – these must be provided by the parents.

My child has developed symptoms that could be Covid-19 are they still able to attend?

No, anyone who develops symptoms will not be able to attend.

If my child became unwell, starts to show symptoms or arrived with what ASAS felt were Covid-19 symptoms, would they be sent home?

Yes, if anyone became unwell, starts to show or arrives with symptoms they would be sent home or refused admission.

Will you be able to provide personal care to my child?

Yes, as always, we will provide any personal care your child requires and PPE will be used for this.

With it being a new venue for play scheme, what precautions are being put in place to ensure everyone’s safety?

We have used Herd Farm many times previously for our residentials and activities during play schemes, we have carried out risk assessments previously and these will be reassessed in light of Covid-19 and amendments or additions will be made as necessary.

We also get Herd Farm’s own risk assessments for activities that will be undertaken.

How many children will be at the scheme each day and what level of support will my child get at play scheme?

There will be a maximum of 12 children on site each day and our staff will be offering one to one support where necessary.

How many people in total will be on site each day?

There will be a maximum of 15 ASAS staff plus 2 Activity instructors on site each day, and having additional staff to assist with cleaning, behavioural and personal care needs. The site is large with several indoor spaces we can use and lots of outdoor space available. The centre manager may also be on site but won’t be in areas we are using.

Is ASAS offering provision to families in other parts of Leeds?

Initially we will be offering to children our usual play scheme catchment area i.e. LS5, 16, 18, 19, 20 & 21, then to those further afield if places are still available.

What if I don’t have any transport to get my child to and from herd farm?

You could transport your child in a taxi should you wish to do so otherwise your child wouldn’t be able to attend.

Will there be any mini bus transport provided like your previous play schemes?

Again, due to social distancing it won’t be possible to provide sufficient minibuses to transport all the children we usually do and the cost implication would be too great for ASAS to afford as we don’t get any funding to provide transport.

A member of staff lives close to us, our PA works for ASAS, can they take my child to play scheme with them?

Unfortunately, not, due to having to adhere to the 2-metre social distancing government guidelines.

Will I be able to bring my child into herd farm and settle them in?

Parents won’t be able to enter the building, staff will come out and welcome the child and escort them into the building; if the child is distressed the member of staff will stay at a distance of 2 metres and help reassure and settle the child, if closer contact is necessary the member of staff will wear PPE.

My child gets on really with a certain member of staff, can I request that they are supported by them?

This would be dependent on that member of staff working on the days your child is attending; we aim to keep the same pairing of staff and children each day they attend.

How much will it cost?

Cost will be the usual £15/day or the amount you have previously indicated you could afford, if your circumstances have changed, feel free to discuss this with us and we can come to an arrangement.

What time is drop off and pick up?

As we are staggering drop off and pick up times these will roughly be from 9.30am and 3.30pm.

Will you provide food & drink for my child?

Children will need to bring a packed lunch and drinks bottle, we will only refill their bottle with water, so sufficient refreshments must be sent.

Will any external entertainers be at the play scheme, like Billy Biscuit?

The only people external to ASAS will be Herd Farm instructors who will be there to run activities and not involved in children’s care or supervision.

Is there any mobile phone signal or Wi-Fi at herd farm?

Mobile phone signal isn’t very good but there is a pay phone and we will have access to a land line in an emergency, plus staff are issued with walkie-talkies so we can make contact with others whilst on site. Wi-Fi is available, but again not very good; children are actually discouraged from bringing mobile phones and tablets to the play scheme where ever possible.

What activities will my child be doing at play scheme?

We envisage activities such as low ropes, adapted bikes, bushcraft, archery, assault course, maybe inflatables, crafts, messy play, pond dipping, walks.

My child only has hot food, will you be able to warm up something I send?

We have access to a microwave so food can be warmed up, we will of course wear PPE whilst preparing food.

Can my child attend if I am shielding?

Unfortunately not, if any member of the household your child lives in is shielding they will not be able to attend.

My child has medication, are you able to administer this?

Yes, as long as it is prescribed, detailed on the registration form and sent in it's original packaging with the pharmacy label on. This is our normal medication administration protocol.

My child has a tracheostomy, can they attend?

No, unfortunately we will not be able to support a child who has a tracheostomy during the covid-19 pandemic.

My child has a PEG feed, are they able to come to play scheme?

No, we want to minimise the risk of infection with covid-19 and will not be able to support a child with a PEG, PEJ, NG or other enteral feeding tube during the covid-19 pandemic.

Can my child attend if they are in the extremely vulnerable category or shielding?

No, any child that is in the extremely vulnerable category or shielding will not be able to attend. Please note that if anyone in the childs household is shielding, ypur child will not be able to attend play scheme.

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