Apply to work with ASAS

Here at Aireborough Supported Activities Scheme we are always on the look out for more staff to help us deliver our play scheme, residential and activity day provisions. Every member of staff plays a key part in improving the lives of children with disabilities in Leeds. Below you can read more about the two different roles available and how to apply!


Volunteering can be a fantastic experience which gives an insight into the difficulties young people with additional needs face on a day to day basis.


Volunteering with us can at times be challenging due to the nature of the childrens' disabilities. Some of the children may present with challenging behaviour or have physical disabilities, which make them dependant on others to support them to access play and leisure.  


As part of volunteering with us you can expect to have fun, meet new people, gain invaluable experience, do something different, build your confidence and feel good, because the time you give will really help the children in our care. Your support will also allow their families to have a rest!

For more information about being a volunteer, click the volunteer documents below. 

             Being an ASAS Leader or Junior Leader

Being a leader at ASAS is as rewarding as being a volunteer. What’s the difference you ask? A leader is a member of staff who has experience of supporting people with moderate to severe learning disabilities. 

While a volunteer focusses their time on supporting the children to engage in activities and help them to have fun, a leader spends more time coaching junior staff, supporting the young person with personal care and carrying out clinical interventions where appropriate. 

There is nothing stopping our volunteers applying to become a leader, and in fact, this is where many of our current Leaders began their ASAS career. 

For more information about being a leader, click the Contact Jo button below.