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Apply to work with ASAS

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We're always on the lookout for more staff to help us deliver our playscheme, residential and activity day provisions.

Every member of staff plays a key part in improving the lives of children with disabilities in Leeds.

Below you can read more about the two different roles available and how to apply to work with us.


Volunteers are pivotal to the work we do at ASAS. Their role is to help and encourage the children to have fun and take part in a range of activities, as well as to assist the Leaders in carrying out their tasks. Volunteers are there to befriend and support the children, making sure their experience with us is a safe and happy one.

Volunteering with us will give you the opportunity to meet new people, do something different, build your confidence and learn new skills. Volunteering is also a rewarding and fulfilling way of gaining experience to add to your CV or to applications for jobs and further education. Many of our volunteers go on to become leaders, making it a valuable stepping stone in advancing your work with young people with additional needs.

For more information on volunteering with us, click on the PDFs below. 

Press the 'Contact Zoe' button to speak to our Assistant Project Manager for further details or to request an application form.

             Being an ASAS Leader or Junior Leader

Being a leader at ASAS is just as rewarding as being a volunteer, but is more suitable for those with experience of working with young people with moderate to severe learning and/or physical disabilities. Leaders support children with more complex needs and will receive additional training to ensure they can do so confidently.

While a volunteer focusses their time on helping the children to engage in activities and have fun, a leader's role is to support the young people with healthcare needs, to carry out clinical interventions where appropriate and to coach junior staff. 


Junior leaders occupy a position with responsibilities in between those of a volunteer and a leader, meaning that staff members can advance their role more gradually if necessary.


For more information on what working with us entails, click on the PDF below.


Press the 'Contact Jo' button to speak to the Project Manager for further details or to request an application form. 

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