Team Leaders

Matthew Popple

Under 8's Team Leader

I have worked for ASAS since 2013, and as a volunteer before that. I love coming to work where my main aim is to make what some see as impossible, possible.

ASAS Mobile: 07999706422

Nicole Dempsey

9-12's Team Leader

I have worked for ASAS, originally as a volunteer, since 2000. My favourite thing about ASAS is seeing how the children grow up and change year after year when we see them at summer scheme.

ASAS Mobile: 07749304369

Louise Naylor

13Plus Team Leader

I have worked for ASAS for many years and love everything I do. One of the best parts of ASAS is seeing the children grow and develop into young adults, it's a privilege to be a part of their life for so many years.

ASAS Mobile: 07871593061

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